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When we are going to buy something in a regular online store, we will definitely get acquainted with the conditions of this store for delivery, its promotions, as well as the guarantees that the store provides. In the case of the darknet and the kraken, there are also a number of guarantees and possible solutions to the disputes and problems that have arisen. Let's see what guarantees a buyer has who buys a ban on the Kraken website

Conditions and warranty for buyers on krmp cc?

As in any other marketplace, difficulties can arise with the purchased goods, only when it comes to goods such as drugs, the difficulties can be somewhat different. You can find yourself in a situation where you cannot find the treasure, or you have arrived at the place, and the photo from the coordinates is not true. Another situation is when it is clear that someone has already been there, or there is nothing where the goods should be. In all these cases, you can file a dispute, this is a system where you can communicate with the seller and solve the problem directly. You must provide a photo or video report in specified angles and positions. If the seller agrees with your claims, he will provide other coordinates or return the payment. If the dispute is at an impasse and you cannot agree directly, then you can invite the moderator of the site Kraken Onion, who will evaluate all the data, view the correspondence and make a decision in favor of one or the other participant in the dispute. Usually all difficulties are solved easily and very quickly.